NFTs —
New, Fairer Ticketing.

An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

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NFT tickets minted, transacted and stored on a carbon-neutral blockchain

Extraordinary experiences define the key moments of our lives. SeatlabNFT improves the live event experience for fans and brings them closer to their favourite artists.

Driven by profit, plagued by touts and dehumanised by bots, the legacy ticketing industry has ruined the experience. The current system doesn’t serve artists, fans or brands.

Thanks to the power of Web3, we have a rare opportunity to rebalance the live events industry and create genuine value for everyone involved.

Ticket holders rewarded with NFT airdrops of collectibles that can be resold

Our powerful airdropping engine lets you distribute NFTs to ticket holders in seconds.

Hold $SEAT to claim free exclusive rewards from the Rewards Centre

Attach real-life claimable items to collectables which can be scanned to verify entitlement.

Get paid from secondary sales with royalty splits. Cap resale price with price ceilings

When ticket transfers are enabled, users can transfer tickets to friends and family in seconds.

NFT, NFC & SeatlabNFT Wallet: The technology we use to stop fraud and counterfeiting

NFT with biometrics stops fraud and provides a way for users to securely access their tickets.

The future of ticketing

More visibility, greater control, traceable ownership.A next-generation event ticketing platform that lets you engage with your customers and provide a more immersive experience in ways never before possible. You make the rules.

Breaking down barriers

Driven by profit, plagued by touts, dehumanised by bots, the legacy ticketing industry has ruined the live event experience.

The current system doesn’t serve artists or fans.

The relationship between artists and fans has been strained by big tech, streaming services, ticket touts and poor royalties. To build a fan base, artists need more than just ticket sales. They need to develop an emotional and human connection with their fans.

Fans have been haunted by overpriced tickets, a poor pre and post-show experience, and a lack of recognition.

Driven by the power of Web3, SeatlabNFT re-establishes the relationship between events and attendees.

No bots. No touts.

Capped resale value.

Immersive fan experience.

Connect with your fans

SeatlabNFT helps artists form closer and more valuable relationships with fans.

Blockchain technology opens up the opportunity to generate tangible value in new ways for artists, event organisers and fans. NFT tickets can be supplemented with unique digital assets and experiences, creating unrivalled value for all involved.

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High-Impact, Carbon-Neutral

NEAR is eliminating the barriers to Web3 adoption without harming the planet. With fast transaction speeds, low fees, and a progressive development environment, NEAR’s climate-neutral blockchain lets us scale in an environmentally responsible way.

No Crypto? No Problem.

Transitioning from legacy Web2 ticketing platforms is seamless for buyers thanks to an integrated fiat on/off-ramp and rigorously tested user interface. Buyers can pay with their credit or debit card in the same way they would with any other online purchase.

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