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The future of ticketing

We provide the tools for you to create real value from fan relationships and reward fans for event attendance and loyalty. 
We enable unparalleled secondary market control. Open up multiple new revenue streams whilst outing touts, scalpers and fraudsters.

Unleash fan engagement

By using blockchain technology and NFTs, we are now at the forefront of a new era of event ticketing. Create, reward and gain real value from an authentic fan relationship. We give you the tools you need to grow and harness the power of your community.


Control data and rewards fans
Control data & reward fans

View in-depth order & customer data and start incentivising fans with airdrops & collectible NFT memories.

Full control of secondary market
Control the secondary market

Open new revenue streams and get paid every time one of your NFT tickets or collectibles gets resold on the secondary market.

Increased revenue

Complete control over the secondary marketplace means you can capitalise on all secondary ticket resales using the royalty split function. Royalty splits reduce the impact of scalping and inflated ticket prices by taking money out of the pockets of touts and giving it back to artists and event organisers.

By limiting the touts' ability to profit, true fans can finally purchase the tickets they deserve at a fair price whilst allowing you to generate more revenue from every resale.

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Harness the power of NFT tickets, for free

We’re creating a fully functional, fraud-preventing NFT ticketing marketplace that allows artists and event organisers to start selling NFT tickets and other assets, for free, in a few minutes. We don't charge sellers any fees or commissions for creating events and listing tickets for sale.

Collectable NFTs

NFTs (collectable, tradable digital assets) are perfect for community building and rewarding your fans. Combining the collectable NFT boom with event experiences, our marketplace allows you to incentivise your audience by minting unique NFTs that can be airdropped to ticket holders before, during or after every event. Separate from the NFT ticket, these collectibles can be anything from images and graphics to rare live video or audio recordings from the event itself that can serve as memories and ultimately be resold later.

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Participate in the next evolution of ticketing and event experiences.