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The future of ticketing

We provide the tools for you to create real value from fan relationships and reward fans for event attendance and loyalty.

We enable unparalleled secondary market control. Open up multiple new revenue streams whilst outing touts, scalpers and fraudsters.

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Unleash fan engagement

By using blockchain technology and fully mobile tickets, we are now at the forefront of a new era of event ticketing. Create, reward and gain real value from an authentic fan relationship. We give you the tools you need to grow and harness the power of your community.

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Control data & reward fans

Use our intuitive reporting dashboard to find out who are your real fans and start rewarding them with airdrops of collectable digital memories with real-life utility.

Secure mobile ticketing solution

Using the power of blockchain technology coupled with biometrics, we provide a secure mobile ticketing solution that ties tickets to devices, preventing fraud and unauthorised transfers.

Collectables with claimable items

Sellers can issue digital collectables that have claimable real-life items attached to them; these claimable items can be anything from merchandise to drinks and even services such as meet-and-greets.

When a user purchases or receives a collectable with a claimable item attached to it, all they have to do is present their collectable at the venue to redeem their items. Collectables are fully scannable using our proprietary scanning technology available to all sellers.

In-app lotteries

Our lottery functionality is a powerful way to create buzz around your events, boost your marketing efforts and even enable a new way for your attendees to engage with the event in real-time. Lotteries are free for anyone to enter; they simply need a Seatlab wallet to do so.

And because entries are tied to wallet addresses, you can directly airdrop winners their prizes in the form of mobile tickets or collectables!

Selection/voting feature

Increasing engagement and offering new ways for ticket holders to experience live events is what we’re all about. Our selections/voting feature gives attendees a voice and lets them make additional selections on things like food and drinks preferences, seating arrangements or vote on anything you want them to.

Want to get them involved in voting for their favourite artists or a man-of-the-match performance? Now you can! The technology is built into the Seatlab app.

Participate in the next evolution of ticketing and event experiences.

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