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Our $SEAT token IDO starts on 24th May 2022. Pre-register now to get involved before $SEAT hits major exchanges.

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Why $SEAT?

$SEAT is your access key to our kingdom. We're creating long term value with various utility, from unlocking exclusive experiences in the Rewards Centre to staking payouts and reduced marketplace fees.

Claim rewards for holding $SEAT

The Rewards Centre is where $SEAT holders can claim access to exclusive special events, releases and other perks for free. Holders will earn points for the number of $SEAT tokens held and for the period of time the holder has held them. There are three different tiers, with the higher tiers containing more valuable rewards.

Stake $SEAT to earn a share of platform fees

Holders who stake their $SEAT tokens will receive a staking payout. Staking payouts come from the fee buyers pay on all sales made through our marketplace. Half of all collected buyers fees are always paid out as staking rewards; the remainder goes to the SeatlabNFT Treasury.

Easily fund your wallet and swap for $SEAT

Thanks to an integrated fiat on/off-ramp, you can use a credit or debit card to fund your wallet. It's as easy as any online purchase. Once your wallet has been funded, you can swap fiat for $SEAT in a few simple steps.


Below is a full breakdown of $SEAT's tokenomics and the token release schedule.

Max Supply
8,450,000 (1%)
169,000,000 (20%)
Founders: 1.25Y lock, daily unlock for 36 months
Team: 1Y lock, daily unlock for 30 months
80,275,000 (9.5%)
3 month lock, daily unlock for 12 months
Presale Investors:
Presale Lockup:

109,850,000 (13%)
10% TGE. Daily unlock for 12 months

4,225,000 (0.5%)
50% on Skyward
Seed Round:

Strategic Partnerships:

Advisors & Marketing:

Community & Ecosystem:
50,700,000 (6%)
5% TGE. Daily unlock for 18 months
50,700,000 (6%)
6M lock, daily unlock for 15 months
76,050,000 (9%)
9M lock, daily vesting for 12 months
295,750,000 (35%)
Daily unlock for 60 months

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