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How NFTs Can Be Used For B2B Events

We've explored in detail how NFTs can be used in live music and sporting events, but there's huge potential for them in b2b events too! This is how.

Tim Bishop
Tim Bishop
November 8, 2022
min read
NFTs in b2b eventsNFTs in b2b events

An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

If you've been following our project so far, you'll know that SeatlabNFT is designed to connect fans with the artists they love and provide a new, fairer ticketing platform for the live events community.

We've written extensively about NFTs transforming live entertainment, but our platform doesn't just cater for the entertainment sector of live events.

NFTs also have significant potential in the b2b landscape, especially when used in conjunction with NFT ticketing for conferences and other networking events.

So today, we'll look at how NFTs can be used for b2b events.

NFTs - Supercharged B2B Events

While b2b events obviously look a little different from the entertainment sector of live events, the potential uses for Web3 technology are similar.

Fraud Prevention

We'll start with the most obvious one, issuing tickets to b2b events as NFTs prevents the holders of fraudulent tickets from gaining entry.

Although fraudulent tickets are less common for conferences than for big-name music or sporting events, tickets for prestigious conferences or those with celebrated guest speakers can be extremely expensive.

A fraud-proof ticketing system prevents potentially bad actors from accessing the conference and ensures only those who are meant to be there are in attendance.

NFT ticketing also enables airdrops to attendees. Using the data on a blockchain to identify NFT ticket holders, digital assets can be sent to ticket holders directly via airdrop, potentially transforming the b2b experience. More on that shortly.

NFT-Powered Networking

Conferences are an incredible opportunity for people in an industry to connect with other professionals from that sector.

However, conferences are busy places and last only a few days. The brief duration, and high attendance, mean that people are often unable to make the most of the networking opportunities that conferences provide.

NFTs can change that, connecting people in the same way they do at other live events.

An example of this could be an NFT containing claimable items such as 1-on-1 sessions with speakers or access to workshops.

Increased networking through NFTs at conferences can ensure professionals get the most out of their time at b2b events.

NFT B2B Relationships

NFTs can also be used to change loyalty programmes for b2b trade as well.

We've launched the SeatlabNFT Immersive Fan Pass as a new, Web3-powered alternative to a traditional fan club for artists and entertainment brands.

However, the same technology can just as easily provide a loyalty programme for b2b relationships as well.

Imagine an NFT serving as a b2b loyalty card, entitling customers to discounts and exclusive perks once they pass a certain number of sales. Perks and discounts can be customised and tailored to the business receiving them, and incentives or perks can be airdropped on the fly to rekindle loyalty if required.

In this way, NFTs can help in developing business relationships and customer loyalty.

At this point, it's worth remembering that NFTs can also be sold, with smart contracts assigning royalty splits to revenue from secondary sales. This can also help generate additional income for brands using them and an opportunity for holders to extract value from accrued points that they don’t intend to use!

Cutting Edge Technology

Web3 and its accompanying technology are still emerging. But this presents an opportunity for brands to use them.

Demonstrating an understanding of emerging technologies and current trends increases trust in a brand. Alongside this, there is also the potential for additional revenue for businesses that judge the market correctly.

Wrapping Up

NFTs are continuing to change the way we interact with each other and are beginning to see more tangible use cases in the business world.

While the more "glamourous" side of events is in the entertainment sector, the b2b world also can benefit from the proven success of NFTs that the entertainment industry has enjoyed.

With blockchains more secure, stable and scalable than ever before, the business landscape stands to be transformed, and it is early adopters who will have the advantage over their competitors.

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