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The Event Creator Fund

We have launched the £1,000,000 SeatlabNFT Event Creator Fund to offer event organisers worldwide non-repayable grants.

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
July 12, 2022
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An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

The £1,000,000 SeatlabNFT Event Creator Fund offers event organisers worldwide non-repayable grants to help cover the costs of running live events.

Anybody is welcome to apply for a grant, so take the first step towards funding for your next event and apply today.

We’re building SeatlabNFT to address the critical issues in the event ticketing industry. As fans of live events, we wanted to create a platform that fosters a closer connection between fans and the shows they love. In addition, we wanted to provide a more immersive, rewarding experience for those attending events.

We also wanted to put an end to ticket fraud and help regain control over the secondary market for tickets, so we’re using the climate-neutral NEAR Protocol blockchain to create our NFT ticketing marketplace.

We know that putting on an incredible show can come with a substantial financial outlay, so we’ve set up our Event Creator Fund to help cover some of the costs. It’s our way of helping the live events community put on amazing shows that can take advantage of our new, fairer ticketing platform.

What is the Event Creator Fund?

The Event Creator Fund is a £1,000,000 event financing fund we’ve set aside to help artists and event organisers with the cost of running live events.

We’ll be awarding non-repayable grants to successful applicants paid in our native utility token $SEAT. Successful applicants will have their event sponsored and ticketed by SeatlabNFT.

There is no minimum or maximum grant; we understand that costs vary with different events. We’ve set up the fund to help with things such as venue deposits, artist booking fees and marketing campaigns.

The Event Creator Fund lets organisers focus on creating incredible shows instead of being financially restricted in what they can do.

How to Apply

We know how different each live event can be, so we’ll assess each application individually on a case-by-case basis.

You can apply through our website, where you’ll be asked to give detailed information about your event. This will include information about any venue and artist(s) agreements or contracts.

We’ll also look at the wider details around your show, such as your track record of running successful events, your social media presence and any relevant stakeholders. We want to gain a good understanding of your event’s viability and how we can help.

This means we’ll be asking how you’ll use the money and what your estimated time frames are.

After assessing each application internally, we’ll arrive at a decision, usually within a few weeks.


We pay out our grants in $SEAT, meaning you’ll be asked to provide a NEAR wallet address to receive funds.

Setting one up is free and can be done in a few minutes. Our onboarding team will help you get everything in order and ready to go.

Funds will be released in instalments as and when certain milestones are achieved. Each event is different and will have slightly different milestones, but some typical milestones would be:

  • Sign-on bonus
  • When tickets go on sale
  • 50% of tickets sold
  • 100% of tickets sold
  • Day of the event


Of course, your event will be ticketed using our revolutionary NFT ticketing platform. It is free to use for artists and event creators; it doesn’t cost a penny to mint tickets on SeatlabNFT. Instead, we add a small booking fee to the price of all tickets and collectables sold on our platform.

We’ve built SeatlabNFT so artists and event organisers can create more immersive, rewarding shows for fans, using the power of NFT airdrops and digital collectables.

Airdrops allow you to send digital assets like images, audio recordings, videos and VIP access passes directly to select ticket holders. These airdrops can take place before, during or even after an event. Already utilised by several major events, NFTs are a way of directly improving the fan experience, allowing them to feel closer to the action than ever before.

We can provide on-site elements that, when interacted with, can trigger the release of a POA (proof of attendance) badge or a special access pass to new areas of the event.

In addition, NFT collectables can be made non-transferable, or you can allow fans to resell them on our secondary marketplace, providing tangible value at minimal extra cost.

We’ve kept the options as open as possible in terms of how you can use NFT technology on our platform, allowing you to tailor your rewards and perks to your events and your fans.

Wrapping Up

We’re excited to redefine event ticketing for everyone involved in the live events community. As live event fans ourselves, we wanted to create a platform that serves those who make live events possible, rather than a platform purely for profit.

Use the links below to be the first to hear about product updates, apply for an Event Creator Fund grant, or join the conversation about the next generation of event ticketing.

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