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SeatlabNFT x Everything in Sport: Revolutionising Conference Experiences

2023 Case Study

Based on stats from our app integration at Everything in Sport 2023.

Based on our app integration at Everything in Sport 2023.

Transforming Industry Conferences: A Seamless Fusion of Technology and Networking

In collaboration with Everything in Sport (EIS), SeatlabNFT pioneered an unprecedented transformation in the way industry professionals experience conferences.

By integrating our cutting-edge NFT ticketing technology, we elevated the event's networking, engagement, and overall experience to new heights.

The Goal

EIS, a leading conference organiser, sought to foster deeper connections among attendees and provide sponsors with innovative avenues to engage with their target audience.

Event Highlights & Transformational Innovations

Over the course of the two-day event, attendees embraced the power of our mobile app, driven by NFT ticketing technology. A remarkable 100% of attendees chose to opt in, demonstrating the seamless and user-friendly nature of our solution. This adoption paved the way for an immersive conference experience, enabling attendees to effortlessly access event information, schedule sessions, and interact with fellow participants.

The introduction of token-gated networking marked a significant leap forward in fostering meaningful connections. With 75% of attendees participating, professionals could easily engage with like-minded peers through exclusive networking sessions, facilitated by our innovative token-gated system accessed via our mobile app.

This approach transformed casual interactions into purposeful connections, enriching the conference experience for all.

Empowering Sponsors and Amplifying Revenue

Sponsors benefited immensely from our NFT ticketing technology, as evidenced by the distribution of 1751 sponsor collectables. These NFT collectibles not only served as coveted memorabilia but also acted as keys to unlock exclusive content, workshops, and networking opportunities. The profound impact on sponsor engagement translated into a remarkable 15% increase in sponsor revenue—a testament to the effectiveness of our solution in driving value for all stakeholders.

Unveiling Added Value: The Mobile App Advantage

The survey results spoke volumes about the value of SeatlabNFT's mobile app. An astounding 91% of attendees reported discovering added value through the app during the event. From agenda updates to personalised networking recommendations, the app enriched the conference journey, ensuring participants maximised their time and connections.

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