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The Immersive Fan Pass

Immersive Fan Passes give fans unprecedented access to their favourite artists and enable those artists to unlock a new revenue stream outside of touring.

What is it?

An Immersive Fan Pass is a digital NFT membership card that harnesses the power of Web3. It gives holders incredible, never-before-seen opportunities to engage with their favourite artists while rewarding the artists who provide these amazing experiences.

Using NFTs as digital membership cards, we take advantage of the transparent nature of blockchain technology to identify and engage your most loyal fans. A Fan Pass allows artists to increase their connection with fans worldwide, even in areas they may not tour.

What’s more, SeatlabNFT manages this programme on your behalf, making implementation effortless.

Fan benefits

Heighten engagement by giving your most loyal fans a range of benefits and rewards exclusive to Fan Pass holders.

• Tickets to intimate “Fan Pass” shows
• Flights, accommodation and tickets to any show worldwide
• Album launch party invites
• Artist meet-and-greets
• Soundcheck attendance
• Access to presale tickets for shows
• 1-on-1 and group video calls
• Custom physical merchandise
• Exclusive and personalised video messages

• Released and unreleased audio tracks
• Live concert streams and event images
• Artist avatars
• Personalised digital autographs
• Collectable album artwork
• Artist-specific art and collectables
• Immersive Fan Pass membership card, digitally numbered
• Prize draw entries
• And much more!

What the f*ck is an NFT!?

The future of fan engagement is non-fungible. Using the power of NFTs, true fans can be rewarded for their loyalty, with benefits that have intrinsic value and provide real world utility. Here are some key features that highlight the great benefits of NFTs over traditional fan clubs and mailing lists.

NFT, NFC & SeatlabNFT Wallet: The technology we use to stop fraud and counterfeiting
Proof of ownership

Fans have verifiable ownership of the pass within their wallet, tied to their username and locked to their device. True fans can now show off their commitment to their favourite artists by owning scarce digital assets that can be verified on the blockchain.

Get paid from secondary sales with royalty splits. Cap resale price with price ceilings
Transparent resale

Fans can purchase and resell passes at any given time, creating lucrative opportunities for fans and additional secondary sale revenue for the artist.

Hold $SEAT to claim free exclusive rewards from the Rewards Centre
Scannable NFTs

Fan passes are fully functional NFTs with scanning capabilities to allow the user to claim real-life items such as t-shirts and other memorabilia that can be altered at any time by the artist.

Ticket holders rewarded with NFT airdrops of collectibles that can be resold
Airdrop Incentives

Fans can now be rewarded for their loyalty. At any point, the artist can airdrop other digital assets to fan pass holders, such as exclusive bonus tracks and/or signed digital media, that can also be resold for additional revenue.

Commercial opportunities 

Immersive Fan Passes allow artists to unlock a new revenue stream outside of touring. There’s now a way to connect with fans digitally while offering experiences that not even touring can provide on a mass scale. Converting even 1% of your audience to an Immersive Fan Pass will result in substantial extra revenue for minimal additional cost and effort. SeatlabNFT bears the burden of management, design, logistics and operations to make this a low-impact programme for artists.

Multiple tiers

NFTs (collectable, tradable digital assets) are perfect for community building and rewarding your fans. Combining the collectable NFT boom with event experiences, our marketplace allows you to incentivise your audience by minting unique NFTs that can be airdropped to ticket holders before, during or after every event. Separate from the NFT ticket, these collectibles can be anything from images and graphics to rare live video or audio recordings from the event itself that can serve as memories and ultimately be resold later.

A tiered offering to add more value

A greater connection for true fans and a higher commercial price point for artists.

‘Access All Areas’
Pass Quantity: 1

• Day spent with Stormzy
• Tickets to any Stormzy show worldwide
• Flights to any show worldwide
• Accommodation for any show worldwide
• Personalised Stormzy video
• Personalised Stormzy autograph
• Benefits of all lower tier passes + more!

‘Front Row’
Pass Quantity: Limited

• Ticket to Stormzy ‘Fan Pass’ gig*
• Meet and greet with Stormzy
• Soundcheck attendance to Stormzy gig
• Unreleased track audio
• Album artwork
• Tour setlists
• Benefits of all lower tier passes + more!

Participate in the next evolution of ticketing and event experiences.