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Events 3.0 - Our Vision for the Future of Events

We wanted to share how our NFT ticketing solution will create more immersive, connected experiences for fans and more control for event organisers.

Tim Bishop
Tim Bishop
June 23, 2022
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An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

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When building SeatlabNFT, we set out to redefine how event organisers think about their event ticketing platform. Using the climate-neutral NEAR Protocol blockchain, we’ve created a fraud-proof platform that reduces the impact of ticket scalping and provides a way to reward fans for their loyalty.

We wanted to share with you a little bit about how our NFT ticketing solution will be able to create more immersive, connected experiences for fans and attendees.

Additional Control

We’ve worked in live events for the best part of a decade, so we’ve got a pretty good idea of some of the basic problems with current ticketing systems. Web3 allows us to address these problems and provide additional security to event ticketing.

Tickets on the SeatlabNFT platform are always legitimate. Thanks to blockchain technology, we can eliminate fraudulent tickets, meaning your fans can be sure that they’re getting through the gate on the day of the show.

Similarly, blockchain also lets you define where revenue from secondary sales is directed through our royalty split feature. With SeatlabNFT, you’ll be able to set wallet addresses for single or multiple financial beneficiaries. If a ticket is resold, a percentage of the revenue you determine will automatically go to the wallets you selected, so artists and event creators see the profit that used to fall into the hands of scalpers.

Tickets can be made non-transferable or a ceiling price set for resales, giving you a new level of control over the secondary market.

Of course, for those attending your event, this translates to a far smoother ticketing experience without battling scalping bots at the box office or exorbitant secondary market prices.

However, the extra blockchain security at the box office is just the beginning. Web3 makes it possible to create a new level of immersion for fans attending your show.

A New Level Of Experience

You’ll also be able to offer a new type of live event for fans with NFT airdrops that provide additional value, on-site interaction, perks, and a way to extend the show experience.

Of course, we understand that each event is different, so how you use NFT airdrops will be up to you and the show you’re creating.

You’ll be able to airdrop selected ticket holders NFT mementoes and souvenirs of the event and choose whether recipients have the opportunity to resell those NFTs or keep them.

These NFTs can be audio, images or video of the event or any other artwork you choose. This means you can have artists airdrop selfies of themselves from the show to attendees or give fans unique one-off keep-sakes to remember their experience.

Alternatively, airdrops could take the form of access passes or discount vouchers. For example, you can airdrop individual fans exclusive VIP access passes to hidden areas and secret events or give discount merchandise vouchers to loyal attendees. Our platform makes it possible for you to tailor the rewards and perks, making them specific to your event.

What’s more, airdrops can be scheduled to take place at any time, before, during or after the event, giving you more freedom in the experience you create for your fans.

How Will The Show Feel For Attendees?

For those attending events, the enhanced experience begins at the SeatlabNFT box office with our fairer ticketing system.

Entry to the site can be gained via QR code or NFC technology, depending on the event, which will provide a smooth transition to the Web3 ticketing experience.

With the potential for airdrops at any point, the show's feel changes for attendees. We’ve spoken previously about how airdrops could be used to make events more interactive, but with the possibility of an NFT airdrop arriving at any time, fans will feel more connected to the show than ever before.

The Future Of Live Events

How fans experience events is changing. With more people prioritising experiences over possessions, Web3 allows event creators to enhance their live shows, giving fans a deeper connection to the action.

We’re really excited to have this opportunity to be able to offer a ticketing platform that helps with this shift, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for live events.

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