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Holding $SEAT Gives You Access to a Discounted Booking Fee Structure

We usually add a 6.5% booking fee on top of purchases, but holding $SEAT tokens gives you access to a discounted fee structure.

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
May 9, 2022
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If you didn’t already know, we don’t charge sellers a fee for listing or selling NFT tickets or collectables on the SeatlabNFT marketplace.

However, we add a 6.5% booking fee onto ticket prices by default. A portion of this fee goes towards the platform’s running costs, and some of it gets paid out as staking rewards — more on this in a minute.

Booking Fee Reduction

By default, we charge buyers a 6.5% booking fee on top of ticket prices, but this is reduced by holding $SEAT tokens. When a buyer holds $SEAT tokens, the default booking fee is reduced in line with the number of tokens they hold.

We’re ensuring that our utility token truly benefits holders and the SeatlabNFT community, which is why we’re rewarding holders in this way.

But that’s not all you can do with your $SEAT. You can also stake it to receive a cut of all collected platform fees, and earn points in the Rewards Centre to redeem exclusive perks.

The ins and outs of staking $SEAT are discussed better in this article, but it’s worth noting that staking rewards are paid out from collected booking fees. You might wonder if staking rewards are negatively affected by this discounted buyer’s fee structure.

Well, they’re not. Let us explain why.

$SEAT Utility Token

Holding $SEAT doesn’t just give people access to a reduced booking fee structure and staking opportunities though. It opens up the possibility of receiving exclusive rewards such as NFTs, VIP tickets, experiences, and backstage passes. These can be claimed from the Rewards Centre. You’ll earn one Rewards Centre point for each month you hold a certain number of $SEAT.

You earn points in one of three different tiers: Holographic (the highest tier), Gold (the middle tier), and Sapphire (the base tier). You earn points in different tiers based on the number of $SEAT tokens you hold.

After a month, once you’ve earned a point, you can exchange that point for a reward from the corresponding tier or below. For a full breakdown of how the Rewards Centre works, check out this article.

$SEAT utility infographic

What’s Next?

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