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How to Farm $SEAT on Ref Finance

We've created a yield farm where people can earn a share of a pot worth $100,000 in $SEAT tokens for adding liquidity to our liquidity pool!

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
October 19, 2022
min read
$SEAT token$SEAT token

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$SEAT trading is now live on Ref Finance! To celebrate, we've launched a yield farm!

This guide will break down the farming process so you can join in early and earn some seriously big rewards to celebrate the launch.

To farm $SEAT and earn extra rewards, you first have to become a liquidity provider. To become a liquidity provider, you’ll need to have some $SEAT and some $NEAR. In exchange for providing liquidity, you’ll receive LP tokens that you can deposit into the farm to earn big rewards in $SEAT.

You’ll earn double rewards.

  1. Your deposited liquidity will allow you to accumulate a portion of the revenue from the pool’s swap fees.
  2. Your farmed LP tokens will entitle you to extra rewards from a pot of $100,000 in $SEAT tokens.

If you don’t have any $SEAT or $NEAR to deposit as liquidity, you can buy some $NEAR on most exchanges, via a service like Moonpay or directly on Ref Finance by clicking in the top right corner of the screen once you’ve connected your wallet. Once you have some $NEAR, you’ll need to swap about half of it for $SEAT.

How to Farm $SEAT

1. Create/connect a NEAR wallet

If you don’t already have a NEAR wallet, you can create one on NEAR’s official website. Once you’ve done that, or if you already have one, connect the wallet to Ref Finance. Remember, you’ll need some $NEAR to buy $SEAT and to deposit liquidity, so make sure you fund the wallet externally or buy some $NEAR on Ref Finance.

2. Buy $SEAT

When depositing liquidity, you need to add both $SEAT and $NEAR. So swap around half of your $NEAR for $SEAT before the next step.

3. Head to the $SEAT<>:$NEAR farm

Head to the $SEAT<>:$NEAR farm.

4. Get LP tokens

Click on “Get LP Tokens”. You’ll be asked to add liquidity to our liquidity pool. Remember, you need to add both $SEAT and $NEAR and ensure they are balanced. If you have any issues, try lowering the amount you’re adding.

5. Farm LP tokens

Once you’ve successfully deposited your liquidity, you’ll automatically receive LP tokens and be given the option to farm them. Follow the instructions to farm your LP tokens, including confirming the transaction with your NEAR wallet (you’ll be prompted to do this automatically).

What Next?

Once you’ve successfully deposited liquidity and farmed your LP tokens, you’ll begin automatically accumulating big rewards! You can unstake and withdraw your liquidity and farmed LP tokens at any time.

You should periodically check the farm to claim any rewards you’ve accumulated. To compound your earnings and make even more, you can add your $SEAT rewards back to the liquidity pool to get even more LP tokens to farm and earn even bigger payouts!

If you have any issues or questions, reach out to us via Telegram or Discord and speak directly to one of the team.

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