How to Set Up and Fund Your $NEAR Wallet

We’ve recently announced that the IDO for our $SEAT token will be hosted on Skyward from the 24th-30th of May 2022

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
May 10, 2022
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We’ve recently announced that the IDO for our $SEAT token will be hosted on Skyward from the 24th-30th of May 2022, and this is the first opportunity the public has to get their hands on our native $SEAT token. Make sure you have pre-registered on our website to participate in the IDO.

We’ve designed SeatlabNFT to redefine the event ticketing experience. We want our platform to create meaningful relationships between artists and fans, offering event-goers a ticketing solution that rewards loyalty with truly incredible experiences.

To help with this goal, we’ve built our platform around a series of tiered utilities for those who hold our $SEAT token. Holders receive a discounted buyers fee, access to an exclusive Rewards Centre and the opportunity to stake their tokens in exchange for a cut of the collected buyers fee.


You need a NEAR Wallet with $NEAR tokens to participate in our IDO on Skyward.

  1. Head to the NEAR wallet website
  2. Buy tokens via MoonPay or an exchange
  3. Send the funds to your NEAR wallet

Get Your Own $SEAT

Getting involved in phase one of the $SEAT token IDO is pretty straightforward, but you will need to own a NEAR wallet, funded with some $NEAR tokens. Once you’ve done this, connecting to the Skyward launchpad is simple, as you can log in with your existing NEAR wallet, which allows you to buy into the IDO straight from the $NEAR in your wallet!

Getting set up with a Near wallet and $NEAR tokens is simple. Not only is there a comprehensive help section on their website, but we’ve put together this step by step guide to help you get ready for our IDO on Skyward.

The NEAR Wallet

The first step is to head to the NEAR wallet website. From here, users are prompted to enter their details to establish the basis for their very own NEAR wallet.

You must fund the wallet with $NEAR tokens to activate it. Don’t worry; this is money well spent, as not only is $NEAR a cryptocurrency in its own right, but it also enables you to participate in our IDO on Skyward.

$NEAR tokens can be bought on several leading cryptocurrency exchanges. CoinMarketCap has a full list here.

Alternatively, the NEAR wallet is integrated with MoonPay, a fiat currency on-ramp, making buying cryptocurrency as simple as any online transaction.

Going through the NEAR wallet setup process, users will be asked if they wish to fund their wallet via MoonPay or from an external source. Select whichever option is right for you, and transfer those tokens to your NEAR wallet.

The last step is claiming a unique human-readable wallet address such as seatlab.near, this makes giving your address out much more simple than a long string of random letters and numbers.

Once you’ve set up, funded your NEAR wallet, and claimed your unique wallet address, you’re good to go!

Wrapping Up

Storing $NEAR tokens in your NEAR wallet is the first step towards participating in the $SEAT token IDO on Skyward from 24th-30th May. Skyward automatically connects to the NEAR wallet, meaning all you have to do is sign into Skyward on the same browser you used to set up your wallet, and your $NEAR tokens will be available to use to participate in our IDO.

Skyward uses a price discovery mechanism, meaning supply and demand dictate price. To make sure you’re there on time, register with us for updates.

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