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January Project Update

We've got lots of exciting features coming up that we've been working on since the new year. Let's dive in and get caught up!

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
February 10, 2023
min read
January Project UpdateJanuary Project Update

An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

The world of events and ticketing is changing forever.

We're about to unveil a host of new features that will change the game for good.

From wallet-to-wallet transfer options for NFT tickets and collectables to in-app voting mechanisms and exciting lottery campaigns, SeatlabNFT is fast becoming the must-have app for anyone who loves attending live events.

There is a lot to catch up on, so let's dive right in!



We are proud to announce the upcoming release of our revolutionary airdrop engine.

This groundbreaking feature will allow sellers to mint collectable NFTs and distribute them directly to ticket holders, elevating the live event experience to a whole new level!

With the ability to send limited edition Proof of Attendance NFTs and attach real-life claimable items, SeatlabNFT is positioned to set the standard in NFT ticketing.

This innovative feature is an industry-first and sets our platform apart from other NFT ticketing providers and will forever change how people engage with live events!

Airdrops are just one of our major updates scheduled for release in the coming weeks.

Self-Service Onboarding

Our dev team has accomplished a major feat with the imminent launch of our self-service onboarding feature, available through the seller dashboard, which will be released in the next update.

Our key partners have been thoroughly impressed with the results of its beta testing phase, and we're now ready to bring this solution to all of our sellers.

This innovative addition to our platform will provide greater flexibility, empowering sellers to streamline their onboarding experience, save valuable time and ultimately help us grow exponentially as, up until now, we've been onboarding sellers manually.

With the introduction of self-service onboarding, we're poised for rapid growth, and we're eager to promote this feature to a wider range of potential sellers and help them join the NFT ticketing revolution.

Wallet-to-Wallet Transfers

Another major soon-to-be-released feature coming in the next update is our wallet-to-wallet transfer capability, a groundbreaking advancement for our platform.

This innovative feature will allow users to effortlessly transfer their NFT tickets and collectables to each other, paving the way for creating a cutting-edge secondary marketplace.

With a focus on transparency and safety, our secondary marketplace will provide a much-needed alternative to the often murky world of scalpers and touts.

The initial launch will enable users to share group tickets easily, but that's just the beginning. We have big plans for the future, so watch this space!

In-App Voting Mechanism

This is a big one for us; we're pushing the boundaries of live events with the impending launch of our groundbreaking in-app voting mechanism.

This feature will give attendees a level of influence they've rarely had before, as they will be able to cast votes on a variety of aspects of the event directly through the SeatlabNFT app. This could include live presentations, man-of-the-match performances, and much more.

The opportunities for engagement are virtually endless, and we're excited to see this feature in action once it's released.

This comes as the result of our close collaboration with key conference clients, and it represents just one of many ways we are working on digitising and improving the conference and live events sector. The SeatlabNFT in-app voting mechanism will allow attendees to have their voices heard like never before!

Lottery Feature

Our in-app lottery system has been met with great excitement and anticipation, and our partnership with elrow Dubai XXL, a leader in the dance music world, resulted in a successful launch of the feature. The lucky winner was awarded a VIP table for ten at the upcoming event in February, setting the stage for many more exciting lottery initiatives to come.

We were very happy to see the strong interest from our community and, going forward, intend to use lotteries to boost user engagement and reward the community more regularly.

With each lottery, users can win valuable prizes such as free tickets, invites to private events, free merchandise, and much more.

Stay tuned for upcoming lotteries, and get ready to join the excitement!


SNAFU Events

Since joining us, the relationship with SNAFU events has gone from strength to strength. The partnership has resulted in both of their current events seeing remarkable success, with tickets selling out quickly through our platform.

SNAFU has now decided to list all of their future events with us, a testament to the quality of our platform and the trust that SNAFU has in our ability to provide them with the best possible service.

With SNAFU Events continually drawing large crowds, we are excited to continue our partnership and help them reach even greater heights. This move sets the stage for continued growth and success with local promoters and events.

International Fitness Summit

The International Fitness Summit is set to be a massive event in the world of fitness, attracting industry experts and enthusiasts from all over. The recent announcement of a star-studded lineup of headline speakers has created even more buzz for the event. With names like Steven Bartlett, James Smith and Courtney Black gracing the stage, attendees are in for an unforgettable experience.

Our platform is proud to play a role in this exciting event, providing a seamless and secure ecosystem for ticketing and attendee engagement. The IFS partnership is a testament to our growing presence in the conference world, and we are eager to continue providing outstanding service to similar events in the future.

By enabling attendees to connect with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry, we hope to help foster a community that is passionate about fitness and wellness. Our goal is to make the IFS a memorable experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to making that happen.

Ticket on sale now.

The Future is Bright!

We hope this update has given you a glimpse into the future of our platform and what's to come.

We are confident that these features will not only improve the user experience but also drive engagement and user adoption.

As always, thank you for your continued support; without it, we wouldn't be where we are today!

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