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SeatlabNFT x The Bliss Office

We've teamed up with The Bliss Office to host an intimate, exclusive ADE side party this October with music from Øostil, The Element, Undercat, and more.

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
October 6, 2022
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An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

This month, as a part of the world-famous Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), we're hosting an exclusive, intimate VIP event in collaboration with the top-talent agency The Bliss Office.

On Friday 21st of October, at the peak of ADE, the SeatlabNFT x The Bliss Office event will be hosted at the popular BAUT Oost, right in the heart of Amsterdam. The small, intimate venue will play host to an assortment of DJs including Øostil, The Element, Undercat, Glowal, Cellini and Axel Haube performing to a select crowd and a guestlist of industry-leading promoters.

Of course, SeatlabNFT will be providing NFT ticketing for the event, and we're planning to make it another showcase of the incredible power of NFT ticketing.

The evening will begin with an invite-only dinner for VIP guests before the remainder of the guest list arrives. The night will be an opportunity to see top DJs performing in an intimate setting and network with some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry.

The SeatlabNFT x The Bliss Office event is a small, exclusive event, but we've reserved an allocation of 100 tickets for the general public to buy, which are on sale now via the SeatlabNFT app.


The Amsterdam Dance Event is a conference and music festival and one of the biggest events in the annual dance music calendar. Spread across five days, ADE sees over 2500 DJs perform, and more than 1000 events occur between 200 different venues. Around 400,000 people usually attend, making it an incredible opportunity to demonstrate our NFT ticketing platform.

The Bliss Office

The Bliss Office is a top talent agency based in Berlin, Germany. Their books are comprised of big-name artists from Germany and beyond.

Our collaboration with them will see us create further networking opportunities in the thriving live events sector.


We're here to redefine event ticketing. Our NFT ticketing platform is built to connect fans with unforgettable experiences and allow them closer access to the artists and performers they love.

With full NFT functionality, we're enabling artists and event creators to harness the power of Web3 to enhance the fan experience and transform engagement.

We've already hosted several successful events, and our newest show at ADE is the next stop on our journey towards educating the live events community about our NFT ticketing technology.

Limited tickets for SeatlabNFT x The Bliss Office are now available on the SeatlabNFT app, download it now.

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