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Meraki: An Interview with a SeatlabNFT Partner

This partnership represents an expansion into a new territory for us and shows that there is global demand for a new, fairer ticketing system.

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
February 7, 2023
min read
Meraki party Meraki party

An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

Meraki is a new SeatlabNFT partner based in Auckland, New Zealand. They are a collective that organises deep, organic, melodic & progressive house music parties, and we’re very excited to have them on board!

This partnership represents an expansion into a new territory for us and shows that there is global demand for a new, fairer ticketing system. 

We caught up with them as they're about to take the next step and join the NFT ticketing revolution to talk about who they are, their journey and how they plan to take advantage of all the benefits NFT ticketing has to offer. 

The Interview

Q: How would you describe yourselves in five words or less?

Meraki: Magical, playful, connecting, meaningful, inclusive.

Q: Which previous event are you most proud of?

Meraki: We are proud of all the events we have produced so far and all the challenges that we faced and overcame. We have been putting our whole soul into this project. After all, in Greek, Meraki means “To do something with total love and pure soul, leaving a piece of yourself in your creative work”.

Q: Who are the most notable acts you have worked with? 

Meraki: Australian international DJs Luka Sambe, Double Touch, Yankee Gulati.

And New Zealand local DJs Eichenbaum, Facettes, Nila, Seraph, Lee E, Jake Rattler, Di Sun, Vic Lo.

Q: How do you think using NFTs for ticketing will benefit attendees of your events?

Meraki: At this stage, we need a more secure way to ensure our Meraki attendees can safely and easily buy a ticket. Thanks to SeatlabNFT’s ticketing system, everything will run smoothly, and thanks to blockchain technology, we can make sure that no one will be scammed ever again. 

Q: Can you explain how you’ll be incorporating NFTs at your events?

Meraki: At this point, we would like to give more benefits to our friends and attendees; we will continue to bring the best DJs and ensure our locations have an amazing personalised look.
Utility NFTs that can be scanned in exchange for cocktails and food, for example, could be directly airdropped to their wallets. We are also planning to implement a direct payment system at venues in order to tackle queuing and the confusion that comes with adopting a manual token payment system.

Q: How do you see NFTs impacting the ticketing industry in the future?

Meraki: Blockchain technology represents fairness and inclusivity; artists, copywriters, music producers, event organisers and anyone else who is usually involved in this industry will be part of the revolution.
We can actively control scalping and make sure that only real people can purchase tickets and no one will be overcharged on the secondary market. 

Q: Can you share any specific aspects of your past events where you think NFT ticketing would have improved them?

Meraki: Ticket resales. We know so many people who have been scammed at least once.

Q: How do you plan on using the unique capabilities of NFTs, such as ownership and scarcity, to enhance the overall event experience?

Meraki: People will appreciate a personalised app purchase experience where, thanks to these technologies, they could be part of much more than just an event.

Real fans will receive prizes and could be invited to special events with the artists, receive new track releases and be the first ones in the know to receive news and pre-sale ticket access too. 

Q: How did you first hear about NFT ticketing? And how did you first hear about SeatlabNFT?

Meraki: Blockchain technologies have been around for a few years already, and the big hype of 2021 has shown and presented new ideas for this industry. The unique aspect of smart contracts makes this new technology something unique and, thanks to the non-fungibility, we can keep track of our tickets and bring fairness to each event. We were looking around for companies capable of delivering these aspects and when we came across SeatlabNFT and read about its purpose, it was love at first sight! 

Q: How do you see the integration of NFTs impacting the way event organisers plan and market their events?

Meraki: We could reach our fans and followers directly on their phones, providing surprises and gifts and making them part of a bigger community. We can also share important news about their favourite artists and events.

Q: How do you think Web3 and NFTs will change the way people engage with live events?

Meraki: We are just at the start of a new technological era; people want to feel more connected, more “part of something” that they truly love.
Integrating these technologies will really give every single person a reason to keep sharing, posting and expressing themselves. Imagine creating an app where all of this takes place. 

This could be SeatlabNFT.

Q: If you have to sum up the potential NFT ticketing has to revolutionise the events industry in one sentence, what would it be?

Meraki: Bringing people a unique 360° experience.

Like what you see?

Tickets for Meraki’s upcoming event are on sale now. Grab yours via the SeatlabNFT marketplace before they’re gone!

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