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Elrow Dubai Partners with SeatlabNFT

SeatlabNFT will be the exclusive VIP ticketing partner for the elrow XXL festival in Dubai February 2023 where all VIP tickets will be issued as NFTs!

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
October 24, 2022
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Elrow DubaiElrow Dubai

An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

We’ve joined forces with elrow, one of the most recognisable brands in the electronic music industry, as their official NFT ticketing partner for the 8000-capacity elrow XXL festival in Dubai!

In one of our biggest partnerships to date, we’ve teamed up with elrow to provide NFT ticketing and experiences during their upcoming party in Dubai in February 2023!

Elrow is famous for its carnival/circus-themed events, where crowd interaction and immersiveness are at the heart of the party. They share the same vision and philosophy as us when it comes to experiences and escapism and how to elevate live events to a new level. We’re enhancing the elrow experience using our platform to provide NFT VIP tickets, Proof of Attendance NFTs, airdropped collectables and an on-site interactive blockchain installation.

The elrow XXL festival will take place in Dubai in February 2023, with world-renowned DJs keeping the dancefloor alive and 8000 people entertained from 2pm until late at night.

VIP tickets to elrow Dubai will be available exclusively via SeatlabNFT from 2nd November 2022. Download the app now if you don’t already have it.

The SeatlabNFT platform is at the heart of this partnership

We're reinventing what it means to be a ticketing provider by designing a unique experience to make VIPs feel like they are a part of something extraordinary. We're also rewarding them with real, tangible value in the process.

Our app will become attendees' interface between the blockchain and the event. Anybody who buys a VIP NFT ticket and downloads the app will also have created a crypto wallet. The app handles wallet creation in the background based on the chosen username, removing the complexities of Web3 and blockchain tech and making the onboarding process similar to any other app and ready for the mass market.

The app is where the NFT tickets are stored and where we'll airdrop NFT collectables and Proof of Attendance badges. The app uses the phone’s camera to allow people to interact with on-site elements and unlock amazing rewards.

NFT tickets, collectables, airdrops and interactive installations

All VIP tickets for elrow Dubai will be NFTs. But we’re going to be doing more than just that.

We'll be issuing rare and exclusive NFT collectables to all VIP ticket holders delivered directly to their wallets to celebrate the event. But keep your eyes peeled; we might be dropping more exciting rewards into wallets on the day too…

As one of the leaders in themed electronic dance music parties, elrow is no stranger to interactive elements at their shows, so we're naturally very excited to be introducing our own interactive installation at their event too. We'll be giving out more information about what we'll be doing over the coming months, but it's safe to say that you won't want to miss it!

~~“Partnering with elrow Dubai as their official NFT ticketing provider is a big step towards achieving our goal of becoming a mass market event experience platform. We’re excited to work alongside their team to create an NFT experience that’s never been seen before at an elrow event.”

~~Ryan Kenny, SeatlabNFT CEO

Get your VIP ticket

VIP tickets will be available to purchase from 2nd November 2022 on the SeatlabNFT platform.

For help creating an account or buying tickets, please visit our Help Centre.

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