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Minting Made Easy!

The process of minting NFT tickets on our platform is super simple; artists and event organisers can do it in a matter of minutes.

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
March 24, 2022
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An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

One of our core principles is that people will only adopt something new if doing so is easy. You have to eliminate any barrier to entry, or you’ll struggle to gain mass adoption. That is our mantra while developing the SeatlabNFT ticketing marketplace. 

The process of minting NFT tickets on our platform is super simple; artists and event organisers can do it in a matter of minutes. 

On the seller dashboard, you’ll have access to everything needed to set prices, artwork, event details and even royalty splits; you’ll have complete control over the entire ticketing process. Once you’ve listed your event, set your ticket conditions and customised them, you’re ready to mint your tickets. 

Listing Events and Minting Tickets is Free with SeatlabNFT

Even if you plan to release thousands of tickets for sale, NEAR’s infrastructure allows you to do so in no time at all and, what’s more, transaction fees are 10,000x lower than legacy Gen-2 blockchains. When you mint NFTs in bulk, you have to pay a transaction fee on each ticket minted, making it impractical with ecosystems like Ethereum.

Minting NFT tickets in bulk on Ethereum would cost thousands of dollars with current gas prices. In comparison, using the SeatlabNFT marketplace it would cost less than $1 thanks to the NEAR Protocol. 

But we go a step further. 

Any nominal gas fees incurred when minting NFT tickets are fully covered by the SeatlabNFT Treasury. 

And we don’t stop there. We don’t charge event organisers a penny to use our platform. When we say it’s free to issue and sell tickets with us, we really do mean it. 

We generate revenue by charging buyers a 5% fee on top of listed ticket prices. They can reduce this fee by holding our native $SEAT token, but that’s a topic that deserves its own article.

6 Steps to Minting Tickets

Minting NFT tickets couldn’t be more accessible. Creating a seamless user experience was our main goal when designing the seller dashboard. There are only six steps from start to finish, and each is intuitive, allowing users to navigate the process on their own.

1. Event basics

The first step towards minting your NFT tickets is to create an event. 

Here you’ll get to set all basic information like your event’s name, date, start time, location, category, and so on.

You’ll also have the option at this stage to indicate whether the event is virtual or not. If you toggle on the virtual event option, you’ll be asked to specify the link people will need to access the event instead of giving the venue’s location. 

2. Promotions

The next step in the process is providing more information and promotional material to market your event on our platform.

You’ll be able to write a long event description that will be displayed to people when browsing the frontend marketplace, set a thumbnail, cover photo, video URL, and event tags so people can easily find your event. 

3. Tickets

Now that you’ve set up your event, it’s time to start configuring your NFT tickets. 

You can set up as many different ticket types as you need. General admission, VIP tickets and day passes are just a few examples.

Within each ticket type, you’ll have the option to set the following:

  • Ticket name 
  • Ticket description 
  • Quantity available 
  • Price
  • Minimum purchase quantity 
  • Maximum purchase quantity
  • If you are allowing resales or not 

4. Fees

Step four is when you’ll set up any royalty splits relating to the resale of tickets. 

You can set a single royalty beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries and specify different royalty split percentages based on ticket type. 

Once you’ve chosen your royalty split level and input your payout addresses, you’re ready to start receiving a percentage of the revenue each time one of your tickets is resold on the secondary ticketing market. 

5. Customise

The last step before minting your NFT tickets is to customise the look and feel of your tickets. 

You can set a custom overlay colour and background image to make your tickets stand out from the crowd. 

6. Mint!

Once you’re happy with everything, the last step is to hit “Mint Tickets”. You’ll be asked to confirm your selections, and then your NFT tickets will be minted and listed for sale on the SeatlabNFT marketplace in a matter of seconds. 

It’s as easy as that!

And, don’t forget, the entire process is free! You’ll be up and running in no time, making extra revenue from secondary ticketing sales, enjoying greater traceability from the ticketing process and saving money by not having to pay a commission on each ticket sold.

But, that’s not the only way you can increase your revenue by minting tickets on the SeatlabNFT platform. By attaching airdrops or collectibles to tickets, you can incentivise and reward fans that purchase upgraded options they otherwise wouldn’t have. 

Airdropping Incentives

Airdropping perks and incentives to ticket holders is just as easy as minting NFT tickets. 

From past events as well as upcoming ones, you can select which ticket type to receive an airdrop. Airdrops can be exclusive NFTs in the form of images, videos, audio clips or any other kind of media. Because you can airdrop perks to ticket holders of past events, these can be rare NFT media of the event itself.

NFTs that can be exchanged for in-person experiences like meet-and-greets and backstage passes can also be airdropped to ticket holders’ wallets. 

Once you’ve chosen the ticket type you want to send an airdrop to, the next step is to create the NFT you’ll be airdropping. You can give it a title, a description and upload the media.

As with the tickets themselves, you can set a royalty split when issuing NFT airdrops, so if the asset is ever sold on the secondary market, you’ll receive a percentage of the resale value. 

The final step is to select whom you want to receive the airdrop (ticket holders of past or upcoming events, or both) or schedule it for a later date to incentivise primary ticket sales. 

If you intend to airdrop perks to ticket holders at a later date after the event, you can schedule the airdrop so it’s attached to the ticket before the initial sale. This means that people would be able to see this particular ticket type has perks attached to it that will be revealed and airdropped after the event has taken place, encouraging them to buy the upgraded ticket. 

SeatlabNFT is Changing Ticketing Forever

Zero fees are just one advantage of minting NFT tickets via our marketplace. You’ll also have powerful tools at your fingertips to regain control of the secondary ticketing market and enjoy a whole host of other benefits. 

NFT technology has made it easier to engage with event-goers than ever before. Choose SeatlabNFT to mint tickets for your next event quickly, efficiently, securely, for free. Sign up for early access

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