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New NFT Ticketing Partnership with ChunkFest

We've partnered with ChunkFest as their official ticketing and NFT collectable provider for their upcoming event on 24th June 2023!

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
December 13, 2022
min read
Disabled athletes lifting weightsDisabled athletes lifting weights

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We're thrilled to announce our partnership with ChunkFest, an amazing event that sees disabled athletes compete against their able-bodied counterparts in strength, endurance and combat events. The partnership will allow ChunkFest to use our innovative NFT ticketing platform to sell and distribute event tickets, providing a secure and transparent solution for both the event organisers and attendees.

House of Chunk, the event organiser, says:

"ChunkFest showcases adaptive athletes going head-to-head against able-bodied athletes in the UK's first-ever strength and fitness event of its kind. During the day, watch some of the most amazing athletes from various disciplines battle it out to become champions, including displays from some of the UK's finest MMA fighters, boxers and adaptive sportspeople. There will also be an opportunity to taste fantastic food and try out sporting equipment from leading UK suppliers. In the evening, the venue transforms into a vibrant music festival with some incredible bands and DJs performing to carry the party on into the night!"

This partnership with ChunkFest is yet another step forward for us. It will provide a real-world use case for our platform, allowing us to showcase its capabilities to a large audience and improve the experience of attending this unique event with NFT collectables. It also represents a significant milestone for the use of NFTs in the ticketing industry, as it shows that the technology is ready for mainstream adoption by all event types. 

For ChunkFest, NFT ticketing offers several benefits. Firstly, the use of NFTs for ticketing will provide increased security for the festival. With traditional ticketing systems, it is easy for tickets to be counterfeited or transferred without the knowledge of the organiser. This can lead to overcrowding and other issues, which can be a major headache for festival organisers. With our platform, however, each ticket is unique and can be easily verified, ensuring that only legitimate ticket holders are able to attend the event.

Attendees will be able to easily access their tickets using a digital wallet, eliminating the need for physical tickets and making the process of attending the festival much smoother.

In addition to increased security, we'll be issuing collectable NFTs to supplement the experience. Airdropping unique, collectable NFTs to people is an excellent way of rewarding them with something of genuine value, and we can't wait to use the functionality at ChunkFest. 

By providing a secure and transparent solution for the sale and distribution of event tickets, SeatlabNFT's platform offers significant benefits for both event organisers and attendees. As the use of NFTs continues to grow, we will likely see more and more events and organisations adopting this technology in the future.

For more information about this partnership and to be the first to hear about new ones in the future, make sure you're following us across all social media platforms and join our Telegram channel and Discord server.

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