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SeatlabNFT x Lost Village: Relive The Experience

Our partnership with Lost Village was a massive success. We enabled a unique NFT festival experience with our tech, and this is how we did it.

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
September 14, 2022
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Strike City in Lost VillageStrike City in Lost Village

An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

This August, we pioneered an exclusive NFT-powered experience within Lost Village in an event that marks one of the first uses of Web3 technology at a UK festival.

One of our main goals when creating SeatlabNFT has always been to redefine the event experience for fans and to change how event organisers think about their ticketing platform. So for us, teaming up with Lost Village was an opportunity to showcase just one of the many ways that Web3 technology can transform the event ticketing industry and get a taste of things to come at SeatlabNFT.

We were delighted by the event's success, with over 4500 downloads of our app across iOS and Android devices, which gave Villagers an exclusive NFT membership card. Membership to The Lost Society of 2022 gave Villagers access to an incredible three-dimensional audiovisual immersive experience.

Audiovisual Experience
Festival-goers were ushered inside a secret tunnel where they discovered an immersive audiovisual experience.

Hidden within the Strike City installation of Lost Village, Lost Society members were sent clues about the location of the experience and how to gain access in the lead-up to the event. The teased build-up created a high level of anticipation amongst festival goers, with Villagers anxious to make sure they were a part of the unique experience.

Check out the amazing video below to see what it was like for yourself!

We were delighted with the feedback we received during our time there, the experience enthralled Lost Society members. They were also excited by the exclusivity of the NFT membership card and its collectable nature. Throughout the festival, fans gathered to get a taste of Lost Society membership, and the fantastic reactions to the immersive experience got more colourful as the evenings turned to night.

Lost Village is a festival that prides itself on the surreal. Set in a forest with winding trails, abandoned vehicles, junkyards, arcades of yesteryear and hidden stages, the event encourages its attendees to explore the woods and uncover its secrets. Our aim for this pioneering use of an NFT membership card was to let Villagers feel like they were uncovering a secret, hidden somewhere not everyone would discover.

SeatlabNFT Arcade Machine at Lost Village
The SeatlabNFT arcade machine.

The collaboration with Lost Village was a success for everyone involved. Villagers had a taste of how NFT ticketing can enhance and extend their event experience, at no extra cost to them. At the same time, our installation was designed to compliment the brand message of the festival itself by encouraging attendees to explore the depths of what Lost Village has to offer.

How Our NFT Membership Cards Work for Event Organisers

Our partnership with Lost Village demonstrated just the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible with our NFT membership cards. NFT membership cards have the potential not only to increase engagement and reward fans with access to special perks, but they can also open up new opportunities for event organisers to communicate with members and earn additional revenue. Their benefits are almost endless.

By offering different membership tiers, you can build a loyal customer base of super fans who can get involved at a level that suits them. Some of the benefits that NFT membership cards can offer to fans include:

  • VIP tickets or backstage passes
  • Complementary ticket upgrades
  • Digital merchandise and collectables
  • Access to IRL perks such as meet-and-greets and restricted areas within a venue
  • Pre-sale ticket access
  • Rare NFTs such as audio of an unreleased track or live audio/video recording from the event
  • Automatic entry into competitions
  • Invites to afterparties, soundchecks, etc.
  • Personalised video messages
  • Much more!

Each membership tier can come with increasingly more desirable benefits, and the total quantity available can be capped; as such, higher tiers can be sold to fans at higher price points.

But the commercial benefits don’t stop there.

Royalty splits can be attached to all NFT assets issued on our platform, including NFT membership cards. If issuers choose to allow fans to resell their NFT membership cards, they will benefit financially from royalty payments (a percentage of the resale revenue) each time one is resold on the secondary market. If a rare NFT membership card became desirable and increased in value, fans could choose to sell theirs on the open market, financially benefiting both themselves and the royalty beneficiary. This is all possible thanks to programmable smart contracts that govern NFT transactions.

The transparent nature of blockchain technology also means that, at any time, you can see which wallet addresses hold your NFT membership cards. Even if they are resold on the secondary market, you know who is the rightful owner and entitled to membership benefits. You can also directly interact with eligible wallet addresses via airdrops of other NFT assets.

Event organisers can issue NFT membership cards as collectables via the SeatlabNFT platform. If you have any questions about how you can implement an NFT membership programme for your own business, get in touch with our customer support team at

We published a full breakdown of NFT membership card benefits if you’d like to know more.

Other Benefits of Our NFT Ticketing Technology

The opportunities to provide additional benefits to event organisers and attendees are almost endless with NFT membership cards, but that is just one aspect of our overall NFT ticketing offering.

We are eliminating ticket fraud, reducing the negative impact of scalping, allowing fans to extract real value from attending events in the form of NFT assets, and connecting people with incredible experiences.

We’re also directly rewarding fans via our native utility token, $SEAT, which allows people to earn Rewards Centre points to exchange for free perks, earn staking rewards, and unlock a discounted booking fee structure.

By harnessing the full power of blockchain and NFT technology, we can take advantage of the market demand for NFTs and take it to the next level by utilising the underlying tech to improve how fans purchase tickets and interact with their favourite events.


We were thrilled to partner with Lost Village, whose emphasis on their attendees' experience is in line with our ultimate goal of connecting more fans to unforgettable experiences.

We're here to redefine event ticketing. Our NFT membership card collaboration shows that ticketing can be far more than just access control. With Web3 technology, event organisers can connect with fans from the moment they buy tickets, allowing them to begin the event experience long before the show starts.

Along with the ability to utilise NFT membership cards, SeatlabNFT is an NFT ticketing platform dedicated to reducing scalping and enabling more immersive experiences for fans.

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