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The Ultimate Afterparty!

SeatlabNFT will completely redefine interaction with events, including rewards for loyalty and the possibility of free digital collectables.

Tim Bishop
Tim Bishop
June 20, 2022
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Crowd of peopleCrowd of people

An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

Right now, we know that event ticketing is mostly something that just happens, and the experience that comes with it can vary pretty wildly. From issues with scalping and fraud to crazy booking fees, event ticketing currently doesn’t do much for those who love live shows other than getting them through the gate (which, we’ll admit, is a pretty important part of it).

SeatlabNFT changes all of that.

Our platform uses Web3 to establish a new status quo for event ticketing. You don’t have to know about blockchain technology or NFTs to use it; we’re keeping all that stuff behind the scenes. Instead, you’ll have a completely redefined interaction with events, including rewards for loyalty, the possibility of free digital collectables and an extended, more immersive live event experience.

How Is This Possible?

Blockchain networks make a lot of things possible that we simply couldn’t do before. For example, we’re providing artists and event creators a way to reward fans with collectable digital assets, VIP access passes and interactive on-site experiences.

Aside from airdropping all these different perks and rewards to fans, SeatlabNFT makes it possible to use airdrops to extend the show experience.

More Bang For Your Buck

Picture the scene…

It’s the morning after the show/event. Bleary-eyed (possibly even a little groggy-headed), you and your friends sit around piecing together the awesome time you had. Suddenly a notification pops up on your screen — you’ve all been airdropped a digital NFT souvenir of the event. Better still, you can keep it as a memento of the night or sell it to collectors or other fans who couldn’t make the event.

This is the reality of extended experiences with our platform. We’ve made it easy for artists and event creators to offer their fans additional value at minimal extra cost or hassle to themselves.

Performers could take a selfie with their back to the crowd with all the fans in view, mint it as an NFT and airdrop it in real-time, or any time afterwards to ticket holders.

It doesn’t stop at still images either. NFT airdrops could be an audio or video recording of the event itself or even an exclusive access pass to a secret gig happening later that year.


We’re reinventing how event ticketing serves those in the live events community. It’s time for ticketing to step up and offer more to those who make live events possible; fans, artists and event creators.

Web3 makes all this possible and provides additional box office security with programmable NFT tickets that eliminate fraud and remove the ability of scalpers to profit.

To find out more about our redefining of event ticketing, become part of our community using the links below.

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