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Why Sell Tickets On SeatlabNFT

With the current turbulence in the crypto world and the well-documented crashes to various Web3 assets, we often get asked if NFT ticketing is the future.

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
July 14, 2022
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An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

Why Sell Tickets On SeatlabNFT

With the current turbulence in the crypto world and the well-documented crashes to various Web3 assets, we often get asked if NFT ticketing is the future.

Most of the questions we get asked are legitimate concerns. Since Web3 is an emerging technology in its very early stages, the market can be a bit ‘wild-west’, and reliable, independent information can be hard to come by.

Aren’t NFTs a temporary hype? How can they be used for tickets? Isn’t blockchain bad for the environment? (Not necessarily). I don’t know anything about crypto, so will I be able to use your platform? Wen moon? (Alright, that last one is more from those inside the Web3 community, admittedly).

The team here at SeatlabNFT already run a successful Web2 ticketing platform, so we know the gripes that event organisers and artists have with current solutions. That’s one of the reasons we decided to use Web3 tech to redefine event ticketing.

However, Web3 is a pretty big, fast-moving world and it’s easy to get lost in all the terminology, trends and hype.

So, in this article, we’ll explain why you should ticket your next event with SeatlabNFT.

Fraud and Scalping Resistant

Improving event ticketing starts at the box office, with fans able to have confidence in the tickets they are purchasing and artists able to regain control over the secondary market.

One of the great things about blockchain networks is the transparent, distributed ledger they provide for all the data and transactions that take place on them.

In simple terms, this translates to NFT tickets being totally fraud-proof, but there’s an even bigger benefit.

Issuing NFT tickets on a blockchain enables the use of smart contracts. Without going into too much detail (you can read more about them here), they allow you to programme your NFT tickets created on our platform with smart features.

This means that you can set a price ceiling for any resale of a ticket, AND you can determine where revenue from those sales is directed via our royalty splits feature.

Taking back control of the secondary ticketing market is a huge step for the live events industry, and we’re excited to be a part of that.

Easy To Use

This brings us nicely to our next point. While the inner workings of blockchain technology may be pretty complex, we want our NFT ticketing solution to be able to reach as much of the live events community as possible. So we’re making it easy to use and intuitive.

SeatlabNFT will have all the features that you’re used to with a Web2 ticketing platform like:

  • Customisable branding, artwork and tickets
  • Multiple ticket types
  • Seller dashboard with in-depth analytics
  • Run multiple events from one seller account

You’ll also have access to the features that Web3 enables, such as price ceilings and royalty splits, whenever you create an NFT ticket.

Similarly, with SeatlabNFT, you’ll also have access to the power that blockchain has to reward your fans, creating a more immersive, connected experience for them.

Reward Your Fans

Of course, when thinking about a ticketing platform, features like ease of use and how the box office works are primary concerns. However, SeatlabNFT allows you to create a more memorable experience for your fans, letting them feel closer than ever before to the show.

This is done through the ability to ‘airdrop’ digital assets to selected or multiple NFT ticket holders for any event on our platform.

Airdrops are already being used by many big names in the live entertainment industry like Pharrel and Snoop, and our platform lets you airdrop digital NFT assets to your fans before, during or after the show.

Our platform lets you identify returning customers, those who have held tickets to past events and those who are new customers. You can tailor airdrops specifically to target those customers and create a more personal experience for those fans.

There’s a whole host of things you can do with airdrops, which we’ve covered in more detail in this article. However you choose to use the feature (or ignore it — though why would you?), NFT airdrops are recognised by many in the industry as the next big thing for immersive experiences and greater fan engagement.

Focus On Your Fans

One of the primary ways in which SeatlabNFT will improve the experience for your fans buying tickets is through the ticket scalping deterrents we’ve mentioned earlier. With revenue from secondary sales directed back to specific wallets and potential price ceilings set, there’s a heavy impact on the ability of ticket scalpers to profit.

This means it’s more likely that only true fans are buying tickets for your shows and that any resales are for genuine reasons.

For fans, they can focus on the event experience itself. Getting tickets to see their favourite artist or show will become a whole lot easier. They’ll also know that buying tickets through the SeatlabNFT platform almost certainly gives them additional value through NFT airdrops.

The Future Of Live Events

For too long, ticketing platforms have served only themselves, scalpers and touts. With Web3, we have a chance to change how ticketing solutions serve the live events community.

SeatlabNFT is built on the climate-neutral NEAR Protocol blockchain (a big plus for environmentally conscious eco-friendly events) with the goal of providing a platform that rewards loyal fans and gives artists and event creators a way to enhance their audience experience.

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