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SeatlabNFT Official Ticketing Partner for Krazy Races

We've partnered with Krazy Races, an award-winning series of soapbox race festivals in the UK, as their official NFT ticketing partner.

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
December 1, 2022
min read
Krazy RacesKrazy Races

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We’re excited to announce that we’re working with Krazy Races to provide them with our NFT ticketing services to enhance the experience of attending a Krazy Races event.

Krazy Races hosts soapbox race festivals across the UK where racers put their homemade karts to the test on downhill courses, navigating chicanes, obstacles and avoiding water hazards. In 2019, the event saw gold as they won the Noea Award for “Best New Event in the UK'' and came back with a bang in 2022 bigger and more ‘Krazy’ than ever. Their festival-style events are community-focused and aim to provide a memorable day out for all. The soapbox racing festival is the brainchild of Sarah Belcher and has quickly gained traction in the UK, with up to 15,000 people attending each event. It’s an exciting project to be a part of and support as they continue to grow.

We are using our NFT ticketing technology to help improve the experience of attending a Krazy Races event. Alongside issuing the tickets themselves, we’ll also be airdropping “race flag” NFT collectables to wallet holders that will entitle them to claim a free physical race flag by presenting the NFT to a member of staff. Once the member of staff scans the NFT, the holder will be given their free race flag.

Being able to attach real-life claimable items to NFTs is one of many benefits of using the SeatlabNFT platform. The authenticity of our NFTs is quickly verifiable thanks to our proprietary scanning app, and the immutable ledger that the blockchain provides means that once a holder has claimed their real-life item, it is recorded, and they can’t claim it more times than they are entitled to.

We’ll also be issuing NFT trophies and awards to race winners.

Ryan Kenny, SeatlabNFT CEO, said, “We’re looking forward to augmenting the experience of attending a Krazy Races event with digital collectables and awards. Krazy Races aims to create a fun and inclusive environment, and being able to add an interactive digital element is an excellent way to achieve this.” He added, “We hope anybody who uses our app to claim a free physical race flag creates a ‘where-did-you-get-that’ moment for other people. We want attendees to discover something unexpected and fun!”

As well as putting on fun family days out, and with 10,000 to 15,000 people attending each event, Krazy Races uses their platform to raise money for charity and help to promote local businesses in the towns and cities where they host events.

We’re rolling out our partnership with Kraze Races for their upcoming events in Stockport (28th May 2023), Swansea (18th June 2023) and Northwich (16th July 2023) and we can’t wait to get involved!

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