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Selling NFT Tickets Is Free For Event Organisers

We feel strongly about ensuring event organisers, the people putting in the hard work to make events happen, keep 100% of their revenue.

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
February 24, 2022
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Man filming at a music event Man filming at a music event

An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

It’s no secret that platforms like Ticketmaster have a stranglehold over the events industry when it comes to ticketing. And they know this. They charge event organisers massive commissions to list and sell their tickets because they know they’ll likely pay it. 

This massively eats into event organisers’ margins, resulting in higher ticket prices for fans. 

We feel strongly about ensuring event organisers, the people putting in the hard work to make events happen, keep 100% of their revenue.

We also realise that by offering event organisers an outlet to sell tickets for free, we’ll be accelerating the adoption of NFT ticketing as a whole. 

Being able to offer SeatlabNFT to event organisers for free is only now possible thanks to NFT and blockchain tech. 

Is it really free for event organisers to sell tickets on the SeatlabNFT platform?

In short, yes. 

We don’t charge any fees to list events, mint NFT tickets or airdrop fan incentives.

SeatlabNFT is built on the NEAR protocol, so gas fees are minimal, but we go one step further; we cover the cost of any gas fees needed to mint NFT tickets too. 

Minting and selling tickets do not cost event organisers a penny, cent or sat.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one, really. 

Thanks to blockchain technology, we’ve been able to set up the SeatlabNFT Treasury, which funds our running costs, development and marketing in full. It just isn’t necessary for us to charge event organisers a fee for selling tickets to events they’ve worked so hard to make a reality. 

How do you make money then?

By default, we charge a 5% buyer’s fee added to the listed price of tickets; a portion of this fee gets paid into the Treasury. However, buyers who hold $SEAT tokens get access to a reduced buyer’s fee structure, so they pay less depending on the number of tokens they have. 

You can find more information about our buyer’s fee structure and what happens to collected fees on our website.

Stay in touch and get real-time updates

We have a team of over 20 people working flat out on the SeatlabNFT platform. Things are moving quickly, and there’s always something new to share with the community. 

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We’re getting closer to disrupting the ticketing industry every day, so make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

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