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The Power of Lotteries for Event Organisers

We're going to discuss how you can take advantage of our new lottery feature to boost engagement and build hype around your events.

Charlie Gardener
Charlie Gardener
February 16, 2023
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Are you looking for a new, exciting way to drive user engagement and increase event attendance? Look no further than our app's new lottery feature!

The release of our new in-app lottery system has been nothing short of a spectacular triumph! Thousands of our users have been eagerly participating in our first few lotteries and have walked away with some of the most incredible prizes you can imagine. From exclusive VIP tables and drinks packages to tickets for invite-only parties, the lucky winners have had some mind-blowing experiences!

For our inaugural lotteries, we teamed up with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including elrow Dubai XXL, a powerhouse in the world of dance. Our partnership was an unparalleled success, and we can't wait to see what explosive results other sellers have using the lottery feature. 

Increase engagement and excitement 

Not only do lotteries increase user engagement, but they also generate unparalleled excitement that is sure to ignite any event. Imagine the buzz of offering your attendees the opportunity to meet their favourite artists, get access to exclusive deals, and win never-before-seen prizes that they will never forget.

Our in-app lottery feature is a game-changer for event organisers, providing an easy and seamless way to create and manage lotteries. By offering these exclusive prizes and deals through this feature, you can boost ticket sales and attendance, all while creating an unmatched level of hype around your event.

So why not take advantage of our revolutionary lottery feature and bring your events to new heights?

More efficient marketing

Implementing lotteries through our app can help event organisers create a more efficient and effective marketing strategy. By offering exclusive prizes and experiences to lottery winners, event organisers can create a buzz around their event that generates interest and excitement among potential attendees.

This buzz can lead to increased engagement on social media, more word-of-mouth referrals, and even greater media coverage. When lotteries are well-promoted, they can generate significant interest among potential attendees who may not have otherwise known about the event. 

Moreover, they can help event organisers to better understand and engage with their target audience. By tracking lottery participation, organisers can gather valuable data about their attendees, such as their preferences, interests, and behaviour. This data can be used to optimise marketing efforts, create more targeted promotions, and develop a more comprehensive understanding of their target audience.

Enhanced attendee experience

Picture this - winning a VIP table at a major event that provides you with the best view, amenities, and services, or a chance to meet your favourite artist in an intimate setting. These are the kinds of unique and luxurious experiences that our app's lottery feature brings to the table, leaving your attendees feeling valued, appreciated, and pampered.

Not only do these unique experiences increase attendee engagement and satisfaction with the event, but they also foster stronger connections with your brand.

This, in turn, leads to greater brand loyalty and a higher likelihood of future attendance at your events.

How Lotteries Work

Participating in a lottery through our app is easy and intuitive.

Users simply need to download the app, sign up, and then navigate to the lottery section. From there, they can browse the available lotteries and select the ones they're interested in. It only takes a few clicks to enter. 

Winners will be notified through the app, SMS or email and will receive a unique utility NFT that will give them access to their prize. Our app provides a seamless and transparent process that ensures a fair and enjoyable experience for all users.

Our lotteries are a fun and engaging way to experience events and make the most out of the event-going experience.

Moving forward

As we move forward, we will be making the lottery feature a regular part of our app. This means more opportunities for event organisers to engage with their audiences and for users to win exciting prizes. Our app's lottery feature provides a unique and exciting way to promote events, increase user engagement, and enhance attendee experiences.

Take advantage of this opportunity to engage with your audience and provide them with an experience they will remember! 

Get in touch with our customer service team by emailing if you have any questions about running a lottery at your next event.

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