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The $SEAT Token IDO Is Over

Our IDO for the SeatlabNFT utility token $SEAT has finished. We were happy to be able to offer our community a fair way of investing in our future

Tim Bishop
Tim Bishop
May 31, 2022
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An NFT event ticketing marketplace helping artists foster closer connections with fans, eliminating fraud and reducing the impact of scalping.

Our IDO for the SeatlabNFT utility token $SEAT has now finished. We were happy to be able to offer our community a fair way of investing in our redefining of the event ticketing industry.

A Quick Recap

In case you missed it, the fair-launch price discovery mechanism and how to participate were all explained in our guide which can be read here. Although the IDO has now finished, if you missed out, make sure you have signed up to receive SeatlabNFT updates on our website to be notified when we launch on our first CEX.

The $SEAT Token

$SEAT is the native utility token for the SeatlabNFT event ticketing marketplace. We’ve designed our entire platform around a series of tiered utilities for those who hold $SEAT, as a way of offering fans genuine value from the event ticketing experience.

Owning $SEAT is not necessary to use the SeatlabNFT platform, but holding it does unlock access to a reduced buyers fee, an exclusive Rewards Centre and the opportunity to stake your tokens in exchange for a cut of the revenue generated from platform fees.

Tokenomics are explained on our website in full.

$SEAT IDO in Numbers

We’ve now had the opportunity to see the exact numbers from the $SEAT IDO.

Almost 500 people took part, spending a total of 20,746.21 $NEAR which, at the time of writing, is over $125,000.

We are immensely grateful for the support we received from our community during the IDO. It was a strong statement of interest in our redefining of event ticketing and we look forward to continuing the development of our platform that offers a new, fairer ticketing experience.

What’s Next?

We’re working to get $SEAT listed on a major CEX soon, to give live event fans easy access to all the perks of holding it when using SeatlabNFT. In the meantime, we have some big announcements upcoming about our grants for event creators, and a launch party with a big-name artist.

To be the first to hear about these, and for the latest sneak previews of the SeatlabNFT platform, stay in touch via the links below.

$SEAT trading is now live! For information on trading, staking and yield farming for huge rewards, check out this how-to guide.

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